Petition to the Mayor and Village Council of Downers Grove, Illinois

We, the homeowners and residents of Clyde Estates who live in the neighborhood of the proposed Clyde Estates Reconstruction (ST-034/SW-053) project hereby petition the Downers Grove Village Council to vote to defund the construction of the new sidewalks on every street in Clyde Estates as currently proposed. We do not want sidewalks constructed on every street as they are unnecessary for public safety. We view them as a waste of hundreds of thousands of our taxpayer dollars. We do not want the requisite damage to existing trees and to existing tree root systems due to the construction. We know that these proposed sidewalks will decrease stormwater absorption in our neighborhood and this is critical as the great majority of Clyde Estates does not have storm sewers. We also believe that these proposed sidewalks will adversely affect the curb appeal of our homes, and thereby decrease our property values.

There are 65 households within Clyde Estates on the streets that are scheduled to have new sidewalks constructed. This petition is signed by 55 of the households, which is 85%.

Those who have not signed this petition are not necessarily in favor of these sidewalks, but some are. Some residents haven’t signed because they are away for the season, or due to illness, or due to being away on business, or because they are not scheduled to get a sidewalk on their side of the street.

We understand that the proposed budget for the street reconstruction is $1.5 million dollars; $500,000 for stormwater improvements, and $300,000 for sidewalks.

This petition is only concerned with the sidewalks. Our streets are in poor shape and we do have stormwater issues. We need these matters properly addressed as soon as possible.

Everyone who moved into Clyde Estates did so knowing that there are no sidewalks. We agree with what Wally Brown and Dr. Gordon Goodman pointed out last week, that this unique feature of this special neighborhood should be preserved, just as Denburn Woods should be.

This is a petition signed by young families with children, by senior citizens with and without grandchildren as frequent guests, and by single people as well. Some of us are second generation homeowners who have purchased a family home. We are here by choice.

My neighbors and I would very much like to meet with the mayor and with interested council members so that you may see with your own eyes why this poorly designed sidewalk plan is meeting such overwhelming opposition.

This is our neighborhood and in part, our tax money. We do not want to lose any greenway that provides area for stormwater absorption. we want to preserve our trees and tree root systems, and we want to maintain the unique character of our sidewalk free neighborhood.

I thank you for your time and on behalf of my friends and neighbors, I ask for your thoughtful consideration on this important matter.

Tree Impact of Clyde Estates as of February 18, 2015

Based on the current plans, 28 trees would be removed (see the above spreadsheet). Ten of the 28 trees are located along the east parkway of Webster Street and near the intersection of Webster Street with 59th Street .

12 trees would be removed due to sidewalk construction. Two of these trees are 4″ diameter or smaller and may be transplanted. Additional trees may be preserved during construction.

16 trees would be removed due the grading of ditches. Seven of these trees are 4″ diameter or smaller and may be  transplanted. Additional trees may be preserved during construction.

The engineering plans show tree removal in terms of units measured as inches of tree diameter. For example, the removal of one 4-inch tree would be shown as “4” in the engineering plan quantities.





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