village hall

The Downers Grove Village Council is currently moving forward with a plan to construct a new Village Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station. Under the proposal supported by a majority of the Council, the existing buildings would be demolished with the Police Station and Fire Station #1 relocated to Ogden Avenue (near the intersection with Lacey Road) and the Village Hall reconstructed on its existing site. The project has an estimated cost of $46 million to $52 million and is slated to begin in 2015. For more information, visit

Village Facilities Meeting December 6, 2014 Minutes (click to view): Mayor Tully said there has been a great deal of discussion about placing this on the ballot as a referendum. The reasons the majority of Council [all except for David Olsen] are not in support of this is due to the complexity of the issue and the moving parts that make it difficult to write a referendum question, particularly as the project could change. Further, he asked why this is different from anything else the Council votes on. Council members were elected to make decisions on big issues. The majority of the Council decided that town hall meetings would be more appropriate as they would allow for input and exchange with residents.

In response, the Downers Grove for Responsible Government coalition submitted a petition with more than 3,000 signatures in support of a referendum asking residents if they supported spending $46 million or more on the proposed new Downers Grove village hall, police station and fire station. Voting on the question would occur at the April 7, 2015 election. The referendum question is “advisory.” This means that it is not binding on the Village of Downers Grove. However, the referendum will allow the voters of Downers Grove to clearly express their opinion on the proposed project to their Village elected officials and staff.