942-house-side On December 16, 2014, the Village Council approved a Special Use for a multiple family residential development at 936 and 942 Maple. Construction of the development requires the demolition or relocation of the existing structures located on the properties. John Tillotson, owner of the property at 743 Maple Avenue, is interested in moving the existing structure at 942 Maple to the property at 743 Maple, and making improvements to the structure so that it could be occupied as a single family house and would qualify for historic landmark designation by the Village. The relocation would require cooperation and participation by the Village and the developer of the multiple family residential development. The structure relocation route has been revised since the original request presented on January 20, 2015. The revised route calls for the structure to travel on portions of the Maple Avenue parkway. The original route called for the structure to travel only on the Maple Avenue pavement. The parkway would be protected with steel plating that would allow the wheeled dollies carrying the structure to travel over the curbs on Maple Avenue and onto the sidewalks. The relocation of the structure will require tree removals and pruning as shown in the attached plan. The plan consists of:

Removal of 7 parkway trees (4 non-ash trees, 3 ash trees planned to be removed by the Village), temporary removal and replanting of 5 parkway trees, pruning of 1 parkway tree, pruning of 2 private trees, removal of 1 private tree located at 743 Maple. During the relocation, the structure will temporarily overhang onto the front yards of six properties. The wheeled dollies will remain on public property at all times. According to the project budget submitted by the petitioner, the relocation of the structure will cost approximately $134,000. Improvements to the structure once it is relocated will cost approximately $388,000 to $534,000. The total estimated project expenses are indicated in the attached project budget. A three-party agreement would be required to specify the terms and conditions under which the Village, Tillotson and developer would work together to facilitate and pay for the relocation.

View details at http://www.downers.us/public/docs/agendas/2015/3-03-15/MOT%202015-6118%20-%20942%20Maple%20Structure%20Relocation%20-%203-3-2015_225.pdf

Village council will vote to approve or deny the move on March 3rd, 2015.

Updated map after meeting with Village Manager, Village Forrester and Planning Manager:


Interview with Douglas E. Gilbert, an Architect specializing in preservation architecture, regarding saving 942 Maple:

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